The Power of Thinking Differently – Book Review

The book “The Power of Thinking Differently” is a delight to read – humorous and filled with insights. The author, and former engineer Javy W. Galindo, takes the reader on a journey where stories about pickles and doughnuts are used to explore creativity.

Galindo explores creative approaches found in art, science, and business.  The book uses fables, jokes and puzzles to examine ways you can use to search for creative solutions to problems. It takes you to places filled with imagination and wonder by exploring ideas from psychology, neuroscience, and literature about creativity.

The imaginative book challenges the idea that only a genius can be creative. Galindo discusses ideas from thinkers and scientists such as Edward de Bono and Elkhonon Goldberg and he uses his experiences as a music teacher to examine creativity from a jazz musician perspective.

A visit to the author’s blog Beyond Pickles & Doughnuts  is warmly recommended.

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