Creativity and Belief

New ideas may be easy to generate using various thinking tools such as random words or pictures. But to put the ideas into work requires a belief. Not only a belief in the idea itself, but also in yourself.

A positive mindset and an awareness of how to explore the positive aspects and the risks involved with the idea is necessary. Watch this video where CEO Mårten Mickos from Eucalyptus talks about the importance of believing in “something bigger than the business you are trying to address.

Other people that you are working with also need to believe in  the idea. The “yes, but. . .” attitude is a common way to respond to ideas. A more fruitful approach is to explore the idea and to see if it can be improved. Ideas are seldom perfect. It is important to  say “yes” and develop an environment where everyone’s ideas are appreciated and explored. In the video below, you can discover what a “Yes, but attitude” can lead to.

Photo:Puzzle And Hand by Idea go

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