Curiosity and Motivation

Curiosity means to look into the unknown. In a dark room, your feel yourself around in the room instead of switching on the light. In addition, you try to figure out what is out there and you ask questions.

Curiosity is like a magnetism pulling you towards something. Creativity means breaking free to be like someone else and more yourself. Albert Rothenberg, professor in psychiatry says that the only characteristic for creativity is the motivation and desire to be creative. Without a desire to create, to make changes, and to create peace, the UN would not have been created. Yet, motivation is not all that is required. But it is a common factor in being creative and looking for possibilities.

Look around you and search for things that you can improve upon. What can you do to make your environment better? Perhaps you could fix the squeaky noise that you chair makes every time you move or you could remove the stain on the carpet. Many different things probably spring to your mind. What  if you were told to improve something that works perfectly well?

Would that be a waste of time? Unfortunately, that is only to judge after the thinking task has done. However, thinking costs time and energy, especially as everything in principle can be improved. So it pays to prioritise your thinking subjects. A good way to prioritise is to ask yourself: “Everything can be improved, but what improvement would have a dominant impact on ….” . In what area would a new idea make sense? Where do we desperately need a better idea?

But how can you possibly be motivated constantly to improve things? In a way, it is impossible – at the same time, it is about a specific attitude of thinking. Motivation is a matter of reasons. With a big enough reason, you can get yourself to do anything. A constant search for new possibilities and new ways go doing things requires a flexible approach that makes life more wonderful and interesting. Flexing and stretching your thinking skills should be fun.  Lack of motivation could be defined as a lack of thinking skills to explore possibilities.  Fortunately, thinking skills can be learnt. Yet, it is often assumed that motivation can not be taught.

In the next blog post we will explore ways that sport persons motivate themselves and how you can change your habits.

Photo: Open Mind by Idea go

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