Positive Thinking and Writing an eBook


Starting the Journey

Do you have a passion for something? An idea you want to spread? Are you curious about something and want to learn more while sharing the learning  process with others? Writing an eBook could be just the thing for you.

This eBook project started when one person said, “Yes, let’s do it!” Accepting a challenge is the easy part and some people say yes to several things but nothing happens. Unless you take the first step towards reaching the destination and goal, the acceptance of the challenge is nothing more than an empty promise.

Search for Positive Aspects

The first step is crucial when you have accepted a challenge. You need to search for valid positive aspects. You may ask yourself, why search for positive aspects? The answer is simple, yet, it has profound consequences for your actions. Without a value or positive aspect to link with your idea, no action is necessary. History books are filled with researchers and inventors who failed to see the positive side of their ideas. Therefore, they deserted the project only to find out later that someone actually seized the opportunity to develop their initial idea or hypothesis.

Companies and organisations often reject suggestions because either they fail to see a value with the idea, or they do not actively try to find positive aspects. The search for positive aspects can be directed towards advantages, benefits, plus points, feasibility, or points that are confirmed in a hypothesis. Positives are not just used for assessments, but also targetsfor improvement or designing better options. You can transform the weaknesses with an idea or proposal into positives.

When you are considering writing an eBook, you also need to consider positive aspects. For many people, it is a way to increase their profit. expanded their business, and make new contacts. The positive aspects will help you to make suitable plans and to explore your idea in more detail. Downloading a couple of eBooks and studying these in detail, will give you inspiration and new insights.
The overall motivation and personal value to write this eBook, Six Hats Thinkibility,  is curiosity. Exploring ideas and developing our own thinkibility. So what is thinkibility? Well, every book needs a name and this name has helped us to explore the Six Hats Thinking framework.

Many people use something they have already written. You may have old blog posts that can be expanded. The content could be explored in more depth. The page count in eBooks vary, from 10-20 pages to several hundred. But the better the content, the more likely it is that people will download your eBook. Professional editing and design helps you avoiding mistakes that may in the long-term negatively affect your reputation.

  • Say “Yes”.
  • Explore the positive aspect.
  • Carefully choose the eBook title and consider search words.
  • Get professional help with editing and the technical bits.
  • Create a stunning attractive eBook cover with a clear title and YOUR name.

Curiosity and Passion
Regardless of your motives, a passion for the project is necessary. An eBook, even a short one, does not write itself. The project should have value for you.

Practical Tips
The title of an eBook should contain the keyword(s) that people type in the search engine to look for information you are writing about. Deciding a title could also spark new ideas. Opportunities for writing about other aspects may appear. Therefore, the first steps are to say “Yes” and explore the positive aspects. Think about a suitable name and let the passion and curiosity guide you in your writing.

Photo: Paper Cut Of Boy Reading Book by jannoon028

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