Negative Thinking

Challenging Negativity                                                                                                  

You are thinking negatively when you fear the future, or expect failure. Negative thinking damages confidence, and harms performance. A major problem is that negative thoughts tend to inhabit our minds and influence our thinking.

Challenging your own as well as an organisation’s negative thinking is important. The more you fire neurons in a certain way, the stronger the paths become as a result it gets more and more difficult to change  negative thinking pattern. It is easy to be caught in pessimistic thoughts and mental loops that tell us that there are no other possibilities.

Awareness that alternatives may exist make you more aware of the depths of the possibilities. We can be stuck by negative thoughts or mesmerised by the number of alternatives and directions that we can take. The idea to replace negative thoughts with new ways makes logical sense but it is not easy. The aim is to move forward in the thinking rather than explore the world in a negative manner. Finding faults should be done with the explicit goal to find new possibilities. Different tools and methods needs to be used to break negative thinking.

Dualistic Mind

Throughout our lives, we often try to explain and endure stress and anxiety by viewing our existence with a “dualistic mind.” We create a world of private duality, a world that is limited and fixed – to what in daily conversation is called – black and white thinking, or in the Six Hat Thinking framework, yellow and black. This way of thinking gives us a false sense of security and control over life’s uncertainties. Dualistic thinking makes us feel in control and it is easy to think that we do not have to search actively for other ways to describe the risks and concerns regarding a solution. For example, the solution is good or bad, strong or weak, and smart or stupid. This one-sided and inflexible thinking makes us ignore subtle degrees and variances.

Life is not neutral and few situations are either black or white. Or, in ou idiom, Black or Yellow Thinking.. Philosopher Alan Watts said, “Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, or between well and badly arranged constellations.”

Dualistic Planets and Thinking

Earth is located in what is called the Goldilocks Zone. Water is crucial for life on Earth and without water, all living things would die. As far, as we know no life is possible without water. The conditions for life are right within the Goldilocks zone, the temperature is right.

If Earth was a dualistic planet and it moved towards Mars, the water would freeze. And if it moved towards Venus, it would evaporate. It would be difficult to maintain the habitable conditions on Earth if it was a dualistic planet.

The gravitational pull keeps Earth balanced in the Goldilocks Zone and by staying away from dualistic thinking, we can create our own Goldilocks Zone where things are neither good nor bad. By imagining a sun that keeps us in place from dualistic thinking, we can have a more balanced view of a situation. Identifying thinking as rational or irrational, balanced or imbalanced is a step that can make us less prone to react negatively.

Influence of Emotions and Feelings

Thinking, emotions, and behaviours intertwine very closely and each can change the others. What can you do to about counterproductive thought habits? Our thoughts are important to us in many ways. In many situations, success comes from repeatedly trying and from refusing to give up because of failure. Optimistic people tend to keep working and think success will eventually come, but pessimistic people often give up and make their poor expectations come true.

Three Feet from Gold

Watch the about a man who mines for gold and rare gems on the streets of New York.  There are pockets in the sidewalks that collect debris. It may look like dirt but this in the streets filled with jewellery shop the dirt is very, very valuable.

Industry workers covered in dust and when they walk away from their work, well, the dust falls into the cracks outside the shops. Over time, gold and platinum are pushed in this crack, and also the occasional diamond, or ruby.  Creating an opportunity from this dust, does not seem like sounds a bad idea after all. . .

Thinking pessimistically, feeling inadequate, and fearing inevitable rejection, you will probably talk and mingle very little with other people. Striving for new creative deals means to be brave but you also need to be brave when you explore eventual dangers and risks. Black Hat thinking according to the Six Hat Thinking framework is a vital component in the thinking process and you need to check that your conclusion follows from your evidence.

Can you really draw that conclusion? Do the facts fit in with the idea? Breaking habits and testing ideas takes the courage to embrace failure. Failure is a concept that is mostly used in a negative manner. We have failed to achieve or reach a certain target. The reason behind a failure needs to be explored and discussed. Is it counting as a failure if the result of a bad decision or other factors that could perhaps in hindsight have been foreseen.

Failure  and Presuccess

The word failure is a heavy word. You immediately want to avoid all the negative things associated with failure.  Many of us fear failure.  Failures are ignored and not discussed. It is as if it never has happened, yet, it changes dramatically the way people view you and the idea. But really it is just a word and it is what you attach to the word the counts. And more importantly, how you choose to act.

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