Thinking and Possibilities

Possibilities can play a vital role in your life. The term possibility is often defined as potential, and the search for possibilities could be the aim of thinking. Possibilities are potentials and gateways for opportunities. If you close down your thinking and stop actively searching for more possibilities then you could miss opportunities and fail to solve everyday conflicts.

You could imagine a sea of possibilities. Often you are not aware of these possibilities. To get access to these possibilities opens up all thinking –  logical, critical, and lateral. Admittedly, in lateral thinking possibilities are regarded as vital. Nevertheless, exploring possibilities are important in logical and critical thinking. You search for other ways of looking upon a situation, or other ways of expressing the same thing. This search for other possibilities may lead to a change in the way we look upon the situation. Ultimately, creativity is a way of searching for possibilities.

In science, the search for possibilities of universes illustrates some of the potential possibilities that can be contained in a small space. Some scientists believe that even the tiniest spaces can have the potential to generate entire universes. There are the possibilities of black holes where space is warped. This could also be a metaphor for your brain. Your mind is filled with potentials and you can imagine and explore possibilities.

Below is a video with Benjamin Zander the co-author of the book “The Art of Possibility“.

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