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Using the Internet to promote our skills is becoming increasingly more important. New skills and ideas are required and Peter Thiel says that it is vital to let interests and talents help to us find a career that inspires us. Choosing subjects and topics that we are interested in and love, mean that we are motivated to work.

Peter Thiel started the “20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship” to encourage young entrepreneurs to find ways to fund their own projects. Supporting the next generation of innovators is a keen subject for Peter Thiel, who is one of the founder of PayPal and a current board member of Facebook. Lifelong learning and independent thought is encouraged –  the Thiel Fellowship challenges many traditional ideas regarding what to takes to be an entrepreneur.

Mentors are used to inspire young people and to help them break away from life tracks that interfere with young people’s curiosity and desire to start new projects. Peter Thiel believes that the best way to become an entrepreneur is to learn by doing. The initiative to inspire young people to “stop out of school” may be controversial. Yet the idea is not to stop learning and growing in skills and understanding. Here is a response by a Thiel Fellowship Finalist.

The Thiel Foundation also promotes and support organisations that defend the ideal of freedom. The mission is to defend and promote freedom in all its dimensions –  political, personal, and economic. Today many companies and organisations are striving towards including values and ethical aspects in their daily work.

The term value refers to worth and we often find it easier to measure worth. Yet it is vital to explore social, ethical, or environmental values in our daily work and when we are exploring new ideas and solutions. Values are often described as worries about how we should do things. Consequently, it is easy to ignore ethical aspects. But we can learn to explore value/s in different ways. And keeping worth and ethical aspects separate may not be a fruitful solution. A simple way to explore both dimensions is to  assign numerical values to rank aspects related to worth as well as ethical aspects.This means that it is easier to compare issues related to worth with ethical aspects. It might not be a perfect solution yet it is a beginning.

Photo: “Keyhole And Ladder” by Master isolated images


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