Brainstorming and Calmness

Using the brain to storm up creative solutions was a tool invented by Alex Osborn. The creativity tool has become a renowned method to extract new ideas from a group. The aim with the approach is often to generate many ideas and to defer the judgement to later. People may often be scared of saying the wrong thing, they end not suggesting any new ideas.

People attending a brainstorming session often feel a buzz from the positive feedback.  Freewheeling environment is created where are ideas are welcomed. A brainstorming session is a combination of a lateral approach to thinking mixed with an informal approach to problem solving. Yet there are several problems with brainstorming sessions. Studies suggests that a brainstorming session, often makes an individual less creative and fewer ideas are generated in a group as compared to when people are working alone.

Slowing Down
A brainstorming session is characterised by spontaneity and an opposite approach to a creativity session may lead to a more focused approach. Slowing down can help us to develop focus and deeper pondering. A brainstorming activity is an intensive activity, while slowing down is linked to using methods such as mediation and reflection.

Creating a climate where new ideas are generated is only a step towards executing the ideas. Thinking should lead to action and finding ways to make things happen is vital. Yet supporting new ideas is a difficult process. We need to find ways to both generate new ideas and to put them into action. In the video below, Scott Belsky shares some insights into ways to Make Things Happen.

Photo: “Brainstorming Definition Magnifier” by Stuart Miles

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