The Secrets of the Sparking Thinkibility Blog

There are alternatives to reading blog posts in a linear and sequential way when they appear in the in-box. It is possible to read a blog, especially this one, in a more active and holistic manner by selecting a theme or tag.

If you want to learn about the nature of Six Hat Thinking, which is the subject of our forthcoming eBook,  then simply search for tags such as Black Hat Thinking, or Red Hat Thinking. You will get an overview of all the blog posts regarding Black Hat or Red Hat Thinking. This will help to deepen your insight in the use of the Six Thinking Hats in a playful and interesting way.

The same can be done by typing in a term from the “thinking jargon“. As all other disciplines, scholars of thinking have their own jargon, which have the function to communicate easily about defined concepts within the professional community. At the same time, it is used to create an in-group-out-group demarcation – to exclude outsiders. Be aware that thinking jargon can lead to group-think.

Examples of the jargon are Breaking Patterns, Simplicity, Use resources, Positive Bias, Ideal Final Result, Thinkibility, Provocation, System Thinking, Value, Contradiction, Reversal, etc.

We invite you to try some of your own terms. If you do not get any result, send us a mail. We will then prepare a blog post about the missing item.

Photo: “Ice Cube In Blue Light” by twobee

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