Thinkibility Ultimately Explained

What is Thinkibility?
Actually, we, the writers of this blog and forthcoming book, don’t know yet. But reading this blog post, watching and listening to the links, will help you understand non-verbally, what could be meant by the concept Thinkibility.

We use this invented concept to explore what makes thinking special. It gives a global direction where to look. However, we assume we will never be able to define it exactly.

Thinkibility is a bit football-ity, similar to something shown by stars as Johan Cruijff. It is not just agility and ball control. Nor velocity, or skill. It is more, much more. Can you score with your thinking? Do you have a personal style of thinking?

An intuition we have is that Thinkibility has something to do with the ability to control your movements, like this guy in This Dude Can Dance? Can you control your thinking movements?

Thinkibility is about virtuosity in thinking, as shown here by Hannes Otahal: Bumble Boogie. What about your ability to produce solutions in some problem domain? What  skills does a  well trained thinker have? When can we say a person have a brilliant and showy technical skill of thinking? How do we describe it adequately, like we do in “in a final bravura the ballerina appeared to be floating in water”, or “the music ends with a display of bravura”

Do thinking-critics exist, like there are film critics who write reviews about movies they have seen? What makes  someone regarded as  one of the finest thinkers in the world  in particular for his dexterity, capable of executing extremely fast and fluent  thinking, like for guitar playing is said of Paco de Lucia a shown in Entre Dos Aquas (Between to Waters).

Have you ever been invited to a Wild Thinking Party with music and Tiger beer? Or for a public Just In Time Thinking Session?

OK, for lovers, try this one.

Photo: “Head Underground” by graur codrin

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