Concept Maps – Rather Confusing

Recently we make  concept maps about data, information, logic bubbles, concepts and idea. A concept map is a diagram showing the relationships among concepts. They are graphical tools for organising and representing knowledge.

Understanding the relations between data, information, logic bubbles, concepts and ideas is important to get essential insight into the art of creative thinking, irrespective of what creative thinking tool you are using.

This is our preliminary result or a work in progress. We will expand the maps when our understanding deepens. What is a concept?  And where is it made ​​from? What influences a logic bubble?

  • Data organises itself into information.
  • A concept makes sense of information and selects data.
  • A concept abstracts from ideas, at the same time an idea carries out a concept: makes a concept practical.
  • Concepts and ideas challenge a logic bubble.
  • A logic bubble bounds a concept and limits ideas.
  • Ideas challenge data and information.
        Or show in another way.

Photo:  “Sky Stones” by Salvatore Vuono

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