How to Deal with Positive and Negative Aspects


A new way to walk through a forest. Or a silly idea? Often ideas are judged quickly – too quickly in some cases.

A trampoline walkway through a Russian forest!  What are the positive aspects of Salto Architects trampoline walkway, Fast Track?

Salto, which is based in Tallinn, installed an anchorage system to hold the long rubber mat. The installation is made by cutting out a trough of land and it is not much different from a trampoline that you have in your backyard.

This road or installation challenges our perceptions.

  • A poetic way of bouncing through a forest.
  • Excellent  exercise.
  • A great way to see a birds nest high up in a treetop.

Can you think of any other positive aspects? Use the pictures for inspiration. Close your  eyes and imagine that you are bouncing through your local park.




Of course, it may take a long time to bounce through a forest.

  • Difficult to walk your dog.
  • You might get dizzy.
  • Slippery when it is raining.

Can you think of any other negative aspects.

Ways of dealing with these types of question will be explored in our coming eBook. Thinkibility – Positive & Negative.

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