In the animate video, The Power of Outrospection, Roman Krznaric explores the idea that we live in a time that demands more empathic adventurers in all aspects of life. The era of introspection has gone and this rather thought provoking video challenges us to think about various links between innovation, creativity, empathy and social awareness.

Today, the power to understand another person’s feelings is in the zeitgeist. Marketing companies link stories to their products to help us relate to the product and ultimately buy it. The idea that innovation starts with empathy has been explored  by Dev Patnaik in the book Wired to Care. Being empathic may not only make our relationships richer, but it may also be used as lens through which we can build a framework to search for innovations and ideas that leads to better quality in the solutions. Turning the emphatic feelings into a framework requires some mental exercise but the idea it to turn the feelings into actions that are beneficial to not only you, your organisations but to other humans and. . .

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Photo: “Earth Man” by Idea go


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