Cover Cover-ups


Most of Earth’s surface has been discovered and now it has been mapped by Google. But the world beneath the sea surface is largely Terra Incognita. It is dangerous to go there and the depths of the ocean are unexplored territory.

If we deliberately decide to think about something, it is mostly because we encounter something we do not understand or want to explore without knowing in advance what to gain.

The design of the cover of our book Thinkibility contains six objects, hidden in the background. They will only become visible if a searchlight of the correspondent colour actively shines them. The metaphor of the searchlights is meant to stress that thinking needs to be active and requires focus and directing.

5 Creativity, Innovation, design (1)

It is functioning like active sonar. An object can only be detected if an emitted pulse of sound in a specific direction is echoed from the object. That needs actively directing of the sonar beam, and actively listening for an eventually returning echo above the background noise of the sea.

There are six colored objects. The colors of the objects refer to the six thinking modes  as designed Edward de Bono.

All the objects are animals, except the green hat. This is meant as an attention attractor.  We hope that this provokes the reader to asking: “Why is this object different?”

The common theme of all the five parts of the book is that Thinkibility is all about using Green Hat Thinking attitudes and techniques in every thinking mode, but deliberately.

But what to think about the impossibility of a bird 500 meters below the ocean’s surface?

Go here for an animation of the covers of the five parts of Thinkibility.

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Thinkibility Positive & Negative

Part 3 Thinkibility Intuition & Facts

Part 4 Thinkibility Creativity & Directing

Part 5 Thinkibility

Photo: “Writing In Water” by Theeradech Sanin

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