Gross National Happiness


The real goal in life is happiness and well-being. But a holistic approach towards progress is rarely taken. In 1972, the term  “gross national happiness” (GNH) was coined by Bhutan’s fourth Dargon King, Jigme Singve Wangchuck.  This concept is not easy to define mathematically, yet people may value things that represent vitality and health, meaning, and freedom.  In contrast, economic growth is easier to define mathematically and to measure. But the link between economic growth and happiness is not straightforward.  And the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction is not simple.

  • How can cities use resources more effectively to create conditions needed for people to feel empowered?
  • How can you measure well-being?
  • What does personal well-being mean?

What are your favourite  Happiness Factors? Below are two videos to help you explore the concept. In the first video, Morten Sondergaard  explores  “What is “Gross National Happiness?”  The second shows Santa Monica’s contribution to the Majors Challenge – to  become the first city in US to measure well-being.

Thinkibility Challenge – enter your favourite  Happiness Factors in the comment box!

Photo: “Girl Jumping In Paddy Field” by sakhorn38

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