Empathy and Design Thinking


A health system designed inspired by empathy!

Prioritising and focusing on certain aspects is a vital part in design thinking. Design thinking is a constantly evolving decision-making process that is applied to not only physical products, but also services and systems.  The ultimate goal is the discovery of the best outcomes for all the participants.

We are less likely to engage in something if it has no personal value or interest for us. But in many cases, we have no choice, we have to use certain facilities that are provided to us in society – like hospitals. Yet we are rarely asked to be involved in the design. How would you design health service to ensure that it takes people’s situation, feelings, and motives into account?

The video below was made by The Cleveland Clinic, to highlight how vital it is to get the priority rights when designing for complex systems that cater for many different people’s need.

What is at heart of design when you design a hospital or health care systems?

Turning the focus on empathy can be both daunting and inspiring. What ideas do you get while you are watching this video? How would you change the way a hospital is organised so that it can support and help each and every one of the people in the video?

Photo: “Smiling Young Male Doctor” by photostock

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