Imagine putting your fingers through the screen. Pulling and pinching the images! A 2D elastic screen that is shape changing.

Obake (o-baa-keh) is a Japanese words that means a mythical creature  that can shapeshift. The word also means an elastic 2d screen that shapeshifts. The screen was created at MIT Media Lab by Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley.

This is a new exciting way of thinking about 3D. Watch the video and enjoy the giant shift in thinking about touch screens. The inspiration for the thinking behind the idea comes from nature, the “fluidity and malleability” of water. To read more about how to use inspiration from nature go here or here.

Go here to read more about Obake.

Obake: interactions with a 2.5D elastic display from Dhairya Dand on Vimeo.

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