The Thinkibility Notebook


Many people, like artists, athletes, general practitioners, teachers and musicians take notes about their performance in order to improve their skills. By reflecting about their experiences they gain awareness about what is working well and what not. They become reflexive practitioners: paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday actions. This leads to developmental insight”. They learn from their own professional experiences, rather than from formal teaching or knowledge transfer.

We are happy to announce our design for a Thinkibility Notebook.

There are several tabs:

  • Perception Stretch: sections for noting trends, patterns and interesting things
  • New  concepts and ideas
  • My Thinking Topics: an inventory of topics which I plan to think about
  • Situational Workbook: sections for 12 thinking situations:
  • Situational Workbook: sections for 12 thinking situations:
    • plan
    • action
    • decision-making
    • problem-solving
    • design
    • organizing
    • conflict and negotiation
    • communication and persuasion
    • exploration
    • ideas and new concepts
    • opportunity and initiative
    • future
  • Reflections on my thinking and goals (“If then- planning”)

Of course, a library does not lack in the Thinkibility Notebook. To support the thinking in the above mentioned sections, mind maps with hints and tips are provided for:

  1. The Perception Stretch: the Search Lights for Positive &  Negative aspects, Emotions & Information, Directing & Creativity (Six Thinking Hats) as included in our book ThinkibilityThinking about Thinking, Innovation, Creativity and Design. For an example, see here.
  2. New Concept and Ideas: Lateral Thinking tools, tools for Creative Imagination Development
  3. My Thinking Topics: techniques for creative definition of focus areas and posing sensible questions
  4. Situational Workbook: long and short sequels of Six Thinking Hats for each situation
  5. Reflections: frequent thinking biases and strategies to reduce them

The Thinkibility Notebook is a must for everyone who is serious about her thinking and strives for continuous improvement in effectiveness. The Thinkibility Notebook can be obtained free by subscribers of this blog. Send us a mail if you aspire to become a reflective thinking practitioner.

Photo:  “Abstract Of Enjoying To Jumping With Blue Background” by supakitmod

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