Thinkibility Idea Pool – How to Use a Math Equation


Some families have a special chair for each family member. Every morning, everyone sees the home from the same perspective. If you are like me, you love to move around and change the perceptive. So furniture that you can change or even a house that is flexible are my kind of ideas.

Overall, people’s attitude to changes is changing. Our lifestyles change more frequently and products that can change with us are increasingly becoming more popular. The D*Haus concept can respond to its environment by adaptation to seasonal, meteorological and astronomical conditions. The house adapts from summer to winter, day or night. The house literally moves inside itself. Yesterday’s windows are today’s doors. Eight house in one.

The inspiration for a flexible house and table comes from an old math equation. Henry Ernest Dudeney  liked logical puzzles and he discovered how to turn a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle. The trick was to break up the square in to four distinct shapes, these shapes can be rearranged into the triangle. The formula opens up the spectrum of possibilities that are explored in architecture and design. This equation lead to the D*Table, which has eight distinct shapes, most of which reveal drawers and shelves otherwise hidden by the clean lines of the base square.


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