Life Redefined


In an attempt to live my life as an artist – in contrast to a life long list of to-do-things – I bought a Moleskin Art Journal. According to the introduction, meeting art is a  personal experience and a dialogue between art and yourself. . .  If to live is an art, then an Art Journal should reflect life in terms of art, its vocabulary.

I am just furnishing the journal. It is interesting to look for the effects of redefining some basic activities of contemporary life.

  •  My favourite places:
  • Contemporary and Modern Art: Leading exhibitions: Conferences
  • Contemporary Art History Timeline: Notes of Appointments and Meetings
  • Wish list: My Goals
  • Visits:
  • Artworks: My To-Do-List
  • My Collection: Knowledge Mind maps
  • Books: My Travels and Tours
  • Performances: My Ideas
  • Auctions: Ideas for Scripts
  • Happenings: My daily physical exercises and learning a foreign language
  • Documentaries: Preparatory blog mind maps

But we may redefine life as a game. That could lead to the design of a daily planner for 30/31 days a month by using known board games. Games can be based on pure strategy, chance (e.g. rolling dice) or a mixture of the two, and usually have a goal that a player aims to achieve. If to live is a game, the monthly life game could be one of those:

  • January: Go
  • February: Chess
  • March: Stratego
  • April: Diplomacy
  • May: Cluedo
  • June: Monopoly
  • July: Trivial Pursuit
  • August: Scrabble
  • September: Mensch ärgere Dich nicht or Sorry 
  • October: Solitaire
  • November: Backgammon
  • December: Bluff Poker

Each game functions as a metaphor for that month. It gives some clues regarding skills, strategy, rules, and risk to explore that month.

Of course, there are several other definitions of life – or metaphors – conceivable.

What metaphor would you use to redefine your life?

Photo”Front View Of Man Looking Through Frame” by imagerymajestic

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