How to Draw your Thoughts – Thinkibility Nibble


Can you draw your ideas?

Turning complex ideas, information and thought into visual maps and stories is a challenge. Yet visualization may help you discover new ideas and solutions to a problem. It is also a great approach to explain solutions and to invite people to explore suggestions.

Dave Gray has authored two books on designing change and innovation: Gamestorming,  a practical handbook for innovators, and the The Connected Company, a roadmap for businesses who want to innovate.

A visual approach to thinking relies on what images and objects we see in our environment. These images are organized for data interpretation and various techniques can be used to enhance the skill, for example, open eye visualization and afterimage.  Open eye visualization is  a technique where you look around your surroundings and try to imagine or add things onto the scenery. The technique afterimage means that you can try to carefully observe your environment and then close your eyes and try to imagine the images in your environment.

Below is two links to  videos by David. Warmly recommended.

Photo: “Business” by arztsamui

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