Cloud Lamp – Thinkibility Nibble


Wow, this cloud lamp is spectacular! It produces lighting and thunder. And plays music.

Product and furniture designer Richard Clarkson has created a fluffy cloud lamp that looks like a real cloud. Apart from producing lighting and thunder when someone enters the room, it also plays music with visual feedback.


We invite our readers to think of some more applications for this lamp. Here is a few applications to start your ideas flowing. . .

  • if someone raises his voice, thunder and lighting will come from the cloud
  • it will warn you when your boss is coming
  • it will detect the right mood and then start romantic music
  • it can be used to simulate weather conditions over miniature train complex
  • you can also make hats or other clothes with this material
  • caps that sounds like a grizzly bear
  • lamps can be used  to encourage participants in a meeting who are shy
  • if the lamp detects repetitions in arguments in a meeting, the lamp plays the same song over and over again
  • the thunder will get louder if you have overslept
  • the lightning will be brighter if someone has a bright idea
  • perhaps the lamp can move around the room, depending air streams, light, sounds, etc

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