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The art of non-building!

Marco Canevacci is a member of Berlin-based architectural collective Plastique Fantastique. An architect who is not interested in building buildings, instead he focuses on structures that are impermanent. Soap bubbles, pneumatic machines and loupes (French for magnifying glasses).

The bubbles can be squeezed into any urban scenario and they transform our perception of time and space.

It takes 20 minutes to inflate a bubble and they are made from fireproof PVC. These bubbles have been erected tucked between trees, in public spaces, and wedged under a bridge. The aim with a number of bubbles that was installed in Copenhagen during the summer was to inspire people to explore social and urban issues in a playful setting.



If you reflect on the videos you may become aware of spaces that you see every day on your way to work but suddenly they have a shape that you have not noticed. Finding solutions to problems is a bit like this – you have to reflect upon familiar procedures and ways of doing things, yet you need to see the situation  with “new” eyes.

“The pneumatic structure is a medium to experience the same physical setting in a temporary extraordinary situation,”  says Marco.

Go here to watch more videos.

AEROPOLIS – BODIES & TREES – 2013.08.18 from plastique fantastique on Vimeo.


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