Seeing Logic Bubbles – Thinkibility Nibble


As discussed in our post Logic Bubblegum and Mental Inertia  the concept of Thinking Bubbles is one of the most fundamental clues for understanding creative thinking.

It is in our opinion so fundamental that we thought it was wise to devote a special Pinterest board on it , which is intended to explain the abstract concept of Logic Bubbles visually.

What we have learnt by looking for visual images of fuzzy concepts is that it has actually deepened our understanding of logic bubbles.

And also, that – by looking at the titles of the images–  we acquired a new language to describe our thinking and that of others.


Some examples:

  • The thinking about reforming the bank systems appears to me as “bubbles of methane trapped in a frozen lake”
  • This is becoming a spin doctored hype, a ” slow motion bubble popping”
  • The whole field of all cancer research looks like “walking water balls” 
  • These are just “Pink Fuzzy Thoughts”
  • Those two thinkers interact as “trapped in two glass sculptures”
  • The thinking about this subject so far seems to me talking “inside bubbles, enclosed by other bubbles”

Enjoy the Thinking Bubbles board. And we love to hear about the ideas you get from looking at the pins. Another inspirational board is Weird and Wonderful.


Photo: North Jersey

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