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Artificial intelligence is spreading its wings and artificial identity and personality is here. Your Tweets may contain advertisements that are generated by keywords used in the Tweet. You may not be thrilled about the idea of artificial identities and resumes but not exploring the topic is not the solution.

Sures Kumar has created Pro-Folio,  the ultimate tool in creative plagiarism, to raise our awareness of artificial identities. The core algorithm can generate 690,903,803 trillion unique fictional identities! And it does not take long to create a stunning art portfolio.

A test showed that it took about 10 minutes on average to spot that a portfolio was fake. So there might be a market for software that detects fake portfolios! And that prevents material from being collected in a couple of seconds from website all over the world.


There is a disclaimer on the website and no harm is intended by using the artwork. The aim is to raise awareness.

Disclaimer: is a HOAX project created as a part of a Scientific Hoax project at the Royal College of Art, London. More background information, context, briefing can be found in the Science Hoax project blog. All contents displayed in the website ( are dynamically generated using server side scripts. The art and design works are fetched from various online sources and the designer’s name and details are generated from a wide variety of online databases. This is a speculative academic project aimed at intellectual stimulation and debate regarding the identities generated online and is not intended to hurt any individual or corporation.

Nevertheless, some people may react strongly towards Sures’ approach. What is your reaction? Is this a great way to make us think?

Synthetic identity theft is a serious crime and something that is becoming more prevalent. This identity consists of a combination of real security numbers mixed with a name and birthday other than the ones linked to the number. Why would you use a fake identity? Well, these synthetic identities are difficult to track and they do not appear on either person’s credit reports. Often a new file is created and this crime harms primarily the creditors who may give a person credit. One way to prevent crime is to think ahead and explore ideas that thieves might use. This approach has proven to be very difficult when you try to prevent online crimes, where the criminals have tended to be one step ahead.

Go here to create your own fake portfolio.

A link to Sures Kumar’s Portfolio.

Photo “Brain In Electric Bulb” by digitalart

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