Innovation and Lucid Dreaming


Does the idea of conspicuously dreaming up the next innovation appeal to you? Does it sound tempting to build storm proof cities in your mind? Solve mathematical problems? Or simple find a creative solution to the dripping tap while you are consciously influencing your dreams?

We spend around 6 years of our lives dreaming. Yet we know very little about dreaming and we rarely consider ways to use our dreams.

A framework has been developed based upon  Stephen LaBerge’s laboratory work at Stanford University where he mapped mind/body relationships during the dream state (read more in the books Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams and Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life.

Lucid Dreaming refers to:

  •  any occasion when the sleeper is aware they are dreaming.
  •  the idea of being able to control those dreams

This concept has lead to the development of ideas such as such smartphone apps and  specialist eye masks to enhance REM sleep.

Like most things in life, being able to quickly distinguish dreams from reality requires practice and discipline. To start with you need to make a Dream Journal and learn to distinguish between dreams and reality.

Photo: “Sleeping Mask On Face” by adamr

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