Thinkibility Like


Let us introduce the Thinkibility Like.

The Like Button or thumbs up is a quick way to show that you agree with something. Blog posts with many likes tend to get more likes because it is. . . well, it has to be good since it got so many likes. But what exactly was so great about it?

The Like button has many great qualities. Yet pushing the Like button does not  raise our awareness of what we think. Admittedly, there are many occasions where a simple Like is all that is needed, but we think that occasionally it woudl be fruitful to explore our initial Like reaction – Thinkibility Like.

Thinkibility Like consists of using one or several of the following:

Regarding the topic, any more facts or information to add? – White Hat Thinking
Regarding the topic, any alternatives, other ideas or suggestions? – Green Hat Thinking
Regarding the topic, any comments on the thinking done? – Blue Hat Thinking
Express emotions, feelings and intuition regarding the topic- Red Hat Thinking



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