Dance to the Rhythm of the Heartbeat of a Rose-bush

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Reversing ideas can be a  mind-blowing experience. A simple ordinary everyday occurrence can be turned into a great innovative idea by simple reversing the idea.

This idea was inspired by a  great innovative idea in itself, namely virtual trees created by the Belgian artist Naziha Mestaoui, The project One Beat, One Tree, changes our perception of a tree. Watching a tree grow is an activity for a patient person – trees grow slowly and it takes years for a tree to mature. But  a virtual tree grows and blossoms before your eyes.  And Naziha’s trees blossoms to the rhythm of your own heartbeat.

The installation blends the boundaries between art and science. A heartbeat sensor is connected through a person’s s smartphone and the virtual tree blossoms to the person’s heartbeat.

Later a tree is physically planted in the real world and the inspiration for this idea came from Naziha’s experiences after working in the Amazon., where the tribes had a personal relationship with nature.  She wanted to  create “an art piece using technologies to connect us to this immaterial value of nature. . . If we want technologies to reconnect us to nature, we just need to create it.”

One Beat One Tree from Electronic Shadow on Vimeo.

How can we reverse this idea?

What if we could design a device that measures the inner activity of a tree, a group of trees, a shrub, a rose-bush or a flower? Then the sensor activity is sent to my mobile phone. This activity may provoke an emotion in me and I might start to dance to the rhythm of a rose-bush.

What ideas do you get by reversing something. Please, tell us.

Photo Naziha Mestaoui  DesignBoom



IdeaThinkibility Like from G.

xpress emotions, feelings and intuition regarding the topic:

  • Status updates by trees and flowers could be used to adapt ambient noise, light and scents in houses or offices, regarding the time of the day and the season to be in;
  • Trees and flowers could mail when they are ill or being attacked, or need to be pruned or watered;
  • Flowers seems to be able to communicate with each other and/or with insects. We could possible spy on them

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