Brainstorm Warning – No Cool Ideas Found

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Jeffrey Baumgartner describes himself as “Not your typical, corporate innovation consultant”. Below you can listen to his recent independently organised TED talk, which has been described as “An energetic & stimulating speech on the future of creative idea generation!!” — organisers of TEDxULB.

Jeffrey is the co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club which holds experimental workshops twice a month on  “just about anything”. In the video below he explores this goal-oriented approach to thinking. He discusses questions such as:

  • Is it bad to criticize ideas during a brainstorming session?
  • What would an alternative to brainstorming look like?
  • How do  you deal with crazy ideas?
  • How do you formulate a sexy or extreme goal that is provocative, desirable and interesting?

You can download a PDF-file about Anticonventional Thinking (ACT)  here.

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