Designed to Change your Thinking about. . .

Inspiration and ideas may appear when we see something ugly or uninspiring and we decide to change it. Like international borders. . .

Reimagining things is a great way to improve upon an already existing idea. You transform an existing idea into something new and fresh.

A competition from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture challenged students to reimagine the design of border crossings.  The task was to see possibilities and design beautiful and welcoming structures using structural steel.


Crossing borders can be an emotional journey. In the photo above Ryerson University student Kyle Marren aims to lessen tensions between Spain and the British territory of Gibraltar. The UK says that Spain is using border crossing delays as a political retaliation, since they claim that Gibraltar belongs to them.The diplomatic design, Interject, suggests a shared public square and Spain is given territorial ownership of the crossing, since the border crossing itself is located on the Spanish side.


Inspired by a yurt, a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads, provided inspiration for the winning entry. Two twisting buildings were suggested for the  mountainous Kyrgyzstan-China border. Students from the City College of New York  suggested that one building for travelers moving in each direction.

Students from the  Catholic University of America chose to tackle an unusual border. Several countries have made territorial claims on Antarctica. Love the crossing border shaped like  an iceberg.much of the iceberg is underwater. Laboratories as well as inspections of gods and cargo can be carried out. This design draws people to the site, yet a port in this location may not be necessary.

Why not design your own challenge.

What places need to be re imagined to make them more beautiful, friendlier to use, healthier or safer. Any suggestions?

Here are a few suggestions to start you off. . .

  • Entrance to schools and day care centres
  • Entrance to shopping centres
  • Entrance to shops – particularly the perfume department since people with asthma and allergy may have problems breathing
  • Entrance to hospitals
  • Exits from youth detention centres and prisons

Photos: Fast Co Design

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