Out of the Tank

I found some interesting designs that challenge our thinking. It is easy to hold a distinct view on how certain things should look, what the purpose it, who the item should be designed for. . . It is useful to give the creative muscles a workout by exploring underlying concepts in designs. What common rule has the designer tried to break free from.

Today, the importance of creativity is highlighted but many organizations provide few opportunities for people to explore new ideas and to train to become more creative. Somehow the great innovative ideas should just appear on demand. This is a great misconception and in order to get ideas that stand out, it is crucial to learn to twist ideas around and to see possibilities with new angles.

Ponder over these questions while you look at these pictures.

  • Define the main characteristics of a vase?
  • What is the main purpose of a vase?
  • What is the purpose of a fish tank?
  • Who is a fish tank for?
  • What is a carpet?
  • When does a carpet stop being a carpet?
  • What is the core idea of a t-shirt?
  • Does the humble t-shirt becomes more interesting when thousands of laser-cut polygons are used to create a t-shirt?

The vertical vase and the fish tank are designed by Sébastien Cordoleani.





Disposable Carpets from We Make Carpets.



The T-shirt Issue




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