Trick your Mind and Challenge the Way you Perceive. . .

The Aromafork, by Molecule-R, is the fork for people just like me. I like to test new things in the kitchen but somehow never gets it right.I love the idea of cooking but is more interested in the idea of tasting different combinations rather than spending hours in the kitchen. Let us say you want to test if bubble gum flavour really works with strawberry and  potato. Are you going to buy a kg of strawberry to test this idea? Probably not.3027886-slide-aromafork-by-molecule-r-no-banner

The fork releases scents as you eat with it and it tricks your mind to detect flavours. Your taste buds recognize five tastes – sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami (a strong savory flavour such as parmesan). But your nose is fantastic and can distinguish up to a trillion smells. A rose, a cup of coffee, a lemon, the scent of dew. . .  The fork releases aromas and tricks your mind to perceive aromas on top of the tastes. You put a droplet of one of the 21 liquid aromas onto a blotting pater in the handle. When you bit into whatever is at the end of the fork you inhale the smell.

3027886-slide-aromaforkginger-tunaApart from letting you play around with lots of different flavour combinations and liberating your perceptions about what might and might not work, are there any other uses of the fork? In order for an innovation or idea to be successful it is vital to explore ways to morph the suggestions into multiple areas.  Understanding the impact your idea or innovation can have is a vital part of the innovative process. Working on this aspect will help others understand your vision. What possible areas of use can you find for this fork?

The fork can

  • be used in chef training
  • help children to develop their taste buds
  • help with detection of diseases
  • save money when developing new food products
  • help to understand the science underlying our food preferences
  • help us develop new food that are produced in more sustainable ways

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