T29 – Thinkibility 29 Day Challenge


Gijs and I thought it would be fun to give  our readers a thinking challenge. So the idea of T29 was born.

Every day, for 29 days, we will post a thinking challenge. The daily challenges will be available to download as PDF-files.

We will start on Sunday and for three days we will post challenges that you can solve at home related to Focus and Awareness. Every fourth day we will post a relaxing exercise.

  • Day 1 – 3 Focus and awareness
  • Day 4  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 5-7 Aims and Goals
  • Day 8  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 9-11 Information
  • Day 12  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 13-15 Emotions
  • Day 16  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 17-19 Design
  • Day 20  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 21-23 Creativity
  • Day 24  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 25- 27 Thinkibility
  • Day 28  Relaxing exercise
  • Day 29 Reflection


Take up this challenge and get an overall thinking workout.

thinking exercise

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