T29 – Day 1



Focus and Awareness

Focusing the attention is a form of athleticism. Like swimming, it requires training and practice.

  • What aspects are important to focus on when you are solving a problem, or looking for new ideas?
  • Do you need to refocus your attention?
  • When do you need to refocus?
  • And how do you know that you need to shift your attention?

A couple of blog posts about Attention and Focus.

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Kaleidoscopic Thinking

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Focus on your Thinking


Day 1

Choose something that you are going to notice, deliberately.

Before you go out for your morning walk, to work, or shopping, choose an aspect that you are going to focus on.

You can focus on things like:

  • a specific colour
  • window frames
  • building styles
  • shape of trees
  • smells
  • advertisements in public spaces
  • hair styles
  • most commonly worn colours
  • number of birds singing
  • patterns on scarves people wear
  • number of shoe shops
  • loud sounds

There is no need to interpret your perceptions, nor to form any (mini)theories. Just focus your attention on something you normally would not do.

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Thinkibility Day 1


Photo: Danilo Rizzuti

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