T29 – Day 2


Day Two – Focus

Focus on examining objects from a range of perspectives using several senses.

Take two fruits or vegetables and put one of them in each hand. Set a timer that goes off at multiple random time intervals for six minutes, for example, the alarm may go off after 15 seconds, then again after another 30 and 45. Exclusively look at one fruit/vegetable. Carefully examine it from all its side while you focus on its shape. Smell, and explore the sensation it gives you when you touch it. Taste it – a small nibble!

Switch to the other fruit/vegetable each time the alarm goes off. Always start by exploring the shape when you switch object.

Challenge yourself and put on the TV or music, while you are examining the objects. Test how different volume and types of music influence your attention.


Thinkibility Day 2

t29Photo:  Danilo Rizzuti

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