T29 – Day 6


Day 6 – Aims and Goals

Mostly Aims and Goals are directed on actions you have to perform. For example: My aim is to become more fit, therefore I have to eat more healthy, visit regular a sport school and walk to my office at the 5th floor.

However, putting aims and goals to your thinking do have the same advantages as that for actions.

Take a Thinking Situation at hand, a situation that needs some thinking. For instance, taking a decision, evaluating an proposal, coming up with a creative solution, solving a problem, mediating a conflict, devising an action.

Before actually starting to think stop and reflect a few minutes on:

  • Focus (What is the subject, or aspect) you want to think about, and what not, at least for now?
  • Outcome (What should be the outcome of the thinking, what will be reached by the thinking – a decision, a choice, a new solution, a working solution, an line of action, a conclusion. or just as exercise?)

Make some notes of your thoughts.
Then do the thinking and evaluate your thinking against your original aims and goals.

If your thinking did not have any results, then you evaluate your thinking as unsuccessful at the moment and maybe it was focused in the wrong direction.

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Thinkibility Day 6


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