T29 – Day 7


Day 7 – Aims and Goals

Visualise your goals.

Choose a goal that you have and visualise it by using a combination of several different sensory modalities. You can use PETTLEP, which was developed using findings from research in sport psychology.

  • Physical – image the relevant physical characteristics. For example, a musician would imagine herself with a flute in the hand.
  • Environment –image in the environment where the performance takes place.
  • Task – image details relevant to the task, these demands should be appropriate to the player’s level.
  • Timing –image in real time, but slow motion imagery can be used for difficult passages.
  • Learning – the imagery should be adapted and reviewed to match changes in the task and the level of expertise.
  • Emotion – use the same images that would be felt during the performance. But avoid using negative emotions such as being scared of a certain passage. Instead, it is important to image that the passage is played with confidence.
  • Perspective – the perspective can be through your own eyes and third person, watching yourself play the flute.

Make a painting of what you visualised.

Then, forget it, or pin it somewhere on a wall. One year later you may find that you have in some way realised your goals.


Thinkibility Day 7


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