T29 – Day 12

Man doing yoga

Day 12 – Meditation

Meditation is non-thinking, which in itself is paradoxically. It is impossible not to think!
How to meditate

Play the video.


Nevertheless, this 5 minute video explains how not to think, by allowing and observing uncritically your thoughts when they arrive and then letting them go like air bubbles into the sky.

If it does not work, return to your breathing, count your exhales from one to ten. If you lose count, or forget to stop after eleven, just start over again. Without practice, most people are not able to keep their attention to their breath for more than five counts.

If you need some more instruction, watch this video (9 min).

There has been a lot of brain research on meditation masters. It has been suggested that during meditation enhanced brain activity takes place, for example, lower frequency alpha and theta waves has been linked to mediation. These waves can provoked by deliberately produced music.

If you like this, here is one hour meditation ultimate experience with Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma waves.


Thinkibility Day 12


One Reply to “T29 – Day 12”

  1. I medidated in a steam bad of the Hamam in Madrid, which is a visual experience as well sound (running water, Moorish music), and of oriental scents. Amazing how to get along with the heat when you concentrate on your breathing. Too little, but rather regulary I medidate or listen to LifeFlow audio, as I do now

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