T29 – Day 13


Emotions Day 13-15

Emotional insight is a key to innovation. Surprised? Well, it is often not the first aspect that is examined when discussing innovations but emotions fuels it in two significant ways. An understanding of the needs and desires helps an innovator to find breakthrough ideas. In addition, understanding the emotions that a new product or idea may evoke in the customers, offer marketers a way to optimise the design and marketing.

Our body postures may influence how we feel and this in turn may have impact on our thinking. Body posture also affects how other people perceive you and even your ideas and suggestions. A brilliant idea may be rejected if the person who suggests has an apologetic body posture – lack of eye contact when talking about the idea, leaning forward and shrinking instead of opening up the body and making themselves big (like the idea).

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Day 13

Set your alarm clock at a random chosen time. Notice your feelings, emotions, hunches or intuitions.

When the alarm clock goes off, it will “awaken you” from not noticing or avoiding your feelings and emotions.

Take not more than 60 seconds to jot down any feelings, emotions, hunches or intuitions you may have. Try to be as specific as possible.

Your body may signal your feelings and emotions more exactly than you may perceive with your “head”, so watch for signs such as pains in your back or neck, stomach problems, irregular or shallow breathing, your body position, shivering, dry throat, or shivering hands.


Thinkibility Day 13


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