T29 – Day 14


Day 14 – Emotions

Watch a TV programme with the sound switch off. Try to describe the characters emotions by watching their facial expression and body language.

Learning to understand and becoming observant of non-verbal communication increases your emotional awareness. You can observe other people’s body language, for example, frowning can mean discomfort, physical pain, anger, or suspicions. Yet interpreting signs is not a straightforward activity and frowning can mean that someone is listening intently and concentrating. Nodding might seem like a straightforward response – it is simply an agreement or encouragement for you to continue – but it can also be a deceptive and the listener has simply switched off and is automatically nodding. Look at gestures, feet, arms, eyes and head.

You can also:

  • Observe people while you are commuting
  • Study people while you are sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop
  • Closely observe people while watching sport


Thinkibility Day 14


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