T29 – Day 20


Day 20 – Daydreaming

Allow yourself to take a break and fantasize about imaginary realities.

Daydreaming should not be scheduled rather allow it to happen. If you are a bit tired, logic is less likely to prevent you from having ridiculous daydreams.

Daydreams should be about positive things. Leave tricky and complex problems for real life, and daydream about embarking on a green rocket and other “crazy and funny” things to help prepare yourself for a “boring” afternoon in the office. You will remember your daydreams and you have control over them.

  • Give yourself permission to engage in day dreaming
  • Gaze out of the window or close your eyes
  • Let your thoughts fly away with you – positive thoughts
  • Enjoy

Want to read more? Below are some links.

How to Daydream

A guide to Daydreaming: 5 Ways to turn Daydreams into Reality

Lucid Dreaming:  Rise of a Nocturnal Hobby


Thinkibility Day 20



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