T29 – Day 22


Day 22- Creativity

Ask yourself “How Might We” solve this problem.

Pick a problem and explore ways that the problem might be solved. Redefine the challenge in nine ways. Express the goal in a new way, use new words and rephrase the problem.

You find great everyday problems that needs to be solved here.

  • Imagine the problem from different perspectives. How would different people define the problem?
  • Image the problem challenge is not now and here, but somewhere else. For example, in another continent or years ahead.
  • Redefine the problem in neutral terms in order to avoid associations to the standard or normal way of seeing things. Use abstract terms, which have no relation to the existing meaning of the word. For example, the problem of wild cats who steal food from the domestic pets could be redefined into a movable object interrupts the properly functioning of another movable object.


Thinkibility Day 22


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