T29 – Day 25

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Day 25- 27 – Thinkibility

Thinkibility is about the agility and skill in thinking. A biological approach to thinking, where it is assumed that thinking takes place in and environment and the characteristics of the environment influences the end results. Thinkbility is concerned with describing ways to create environments that lead to “fruitful” end results.

Methods and tools like lateral thinking, brainstorming, TRIZ, biomimicry are seen as subsets.

The action part of thinking is highlighted – thinking is something we do.

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Day 25 – Thinkibility

Rearrange things!

The way a museum arranges its objects influence the way we experience and think about the artworks that are displayed. Choose something else and think about how the rearrangement might influence your experience and thinking.

You can explore what it would mean to change things like:

  • the way food is displayed in your local shop
  • the seating arrangements in a local restaurant, café, or pub
  • a display in a museum
  • your view from your office
  • the arrangements of books in a bookshop, at home or at work
  • the order of events in your favourite novel
  • the order of dishes served at a three course meal

Focus on how whether the rearrangement would result in any changes in the way to think and experience the meal, work, the visit to the museum. . .


Thinkibility Day 25


2 Replies to “T29 – Day 25”

  1. I did the exercise, perhaps unconsciously, in Madrid, visiting the Prado, and apparently later that day in El Cortes Ingles, a super shopping palace chain in Spain. I noticed parallels between the renowned museum and the warehouse. I came up with this. The Prado exposition is overwhelming,it is like warehouse with painting organized in halls, according to the painter and the time. I got very tired from all those impressions in a short time, that I broke off the visit quickly. In El Cortes Ingles it is the same. It is in the same degree overwhelming, organized in halls, according to the brand and the function of the item presented (Man-clothes, or sports-tennis).I got very tired from all those impressions in a short time, that I broke off the visit quickly.

    What if the enormous space they have, were only used for some items to expose?

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