T29 – Day 26

people hanging

Make your thinking 3D.

Seeing a picture in 3D is a richer and fuller experience as compared to looking at a 2D picture. The same can be said for thinking in 3D. An example is the game noughts and crosses or tic-tac-toe, you can add down or down-across by imagining playing it in 3D. In 2D you only use across or diagonal.

Thinking about a problem in 3D is a great way to make a problem more interesting and by combining different points of view with your own, you may get a fuller understanding of the situation.

Pick a problem and think about different views and people that may have something to contribute towards a solution to the problem. Write down how the diversity of thoughts and people’s different background may contribute to the solution of the problem.

You can think of the problem as a sphere where you need to connect different points to get the optimal solution.


Thinkibility Day 26



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