T29 – Day 29

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Design your own thinking challenge!

In this exercise, the last of the 29 Day Thinkibility Challenge, we will ask you to reflect upon and use what you have learnt.

You could design your own thinking challenges in two ways:

The first way is to formulate ONE interesting question.

  • What fascinates you?
  • What are you wondering about?
  • What matters to you?

Then proceed with a question that begins with HOW, WHY or WHAT IF?

Here are some suggestions for topics:

  •  reduce time when changing trains
  •  more efficient lifts – see  video below
  •  reduce time loading airplanes –  link to video

Another way to design your own thinking challenge is by observing your thinking or the situations wherein the thinking takes place.

You could also use the thinking of others (as in newspapers etc.), this approach is perhaps easier than reflecting on your own thinking.

Formulate questions like:

  • Why am I thinking what I am thinking right now?
  • What kind of thinking situation is this?
  • What kind of thinking is needed here?
  • What is the dominant thinking here?
  • What is the thinking pattern?
  • What do I tend to avoid in my thinking?
  • Or what boundaries do I put on my thinking?

We suggest to make your thinking as visual as you can, in your mind but preferable by sketching or doodling.

For more reading about this topic, see Questions about Questions, and for examples of dominant thinking patterns, see Thinking Patterns

If you would like to enhance your Thinkibility, make it a habit to convert a beautiful question into a visualization on an index card each day, as Doug Neill shows in his video Daily Creative Habits, see below.

We hope you have enjoyed the Thinkibility Challenge.
Hopefully we will see you next year when we will have
another T29 challenge.

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