Interesting Reading Areas for 2015

As we last year noted, most  end-of-the-year lists of books consists of books that have already been read by others and many of the lists consists of the same books. Often the lists consists of the books that have topped the sales lists during the year. The underlying message could be interpreted as “if you haven’t read these books, you must be a cultural savage, that you do not belong to the well informed elite and notbe  able to go along in conversations”. Anyhow, this is a passive, following main-stream media approach.


Another, more active approach is to make ýour own list about Interesting Reading Areas (IRA), areas of your interest for development and knowledge acquisition. And then look for relevant writers, books and DVD’s belonging to that IRA.

We thought it would be nice to make a list of subjects or interesting areas for ourselves because we believe we would gain from such a list to help us preparing for the next parts of Thinkiblity – Thinking about Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design. Perhaps you may enjoy the list and will give you some directions for reading about Thinkibility. Just reading the titles would give you some new insides.

If you can help us  to expand the list, please add a comment. Please note, we have not yet read the books! We invite you to make your own IRA’s and to find for each subject  the interesting books and thinkers.

IRA: Is Western and Eastern Thinking different?

chinees professor

A related Interesting Reading Area is:

IRA How Language and Cuture create Thinking Patterns?

IRA: How to  improve Innovation ?

IRA: How does bad ideas spread?

To begin with how good ideas are spread:

About the spreading of bad ideas: by Ben Goldacre

IRA: Overcoming Mechanistic Reasoning

The most remarkable feature of our thinking is it mechanistic nature. It is linear. It does not take into account that there might be a feedback effect.


That a cause produces an effect, what will in turn effect the cause. We still continue thinking “Newtonian” in our daily practice.  Overcoming linear thinking might be found in system dynamics, complex networks,social psychology and game theory.

IRA How to improve visualization skills radically?

architecture lego

IRA: What is Design Thinking really?

IRA: What is Thinkibility?

Thinkibility is a kind of agility in thinking. It is like the skill someone possesses when he she is talented, f.e. in football. However, there are no books about Thinkibility (at least for as part V of our book is not yet published).

Book Shelve

However, some books are hinting at it:

Happy readings in 2015!

open fire


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