25 Creative Ideas to Reuse – Thinkibility Nibble

Besides the practical, economical and ecological advantages of reusing obsolete things, it is good brain workout to give yourself the instruction:

25 Creative Ideas To Reuse …


The amount of required ideas is important to avoid too obvious ideas. Try to make twenty-five at least.

If you don’t believe this is possible, look at these examples:

and in general: Old Things

Isn’t it astonishing to see how obsolete things can be redesigned for continued use?

You can even earn money with Ideas for Reuse. A large shoe manufacturer wants to start a new, ongoing consumer behavior where at the end of a shoe’s useful life, the consumer returns their used shoes to the company from which they bought them.

The challenge is to propose a new business model, engagement model or incentives that would compel a consumer to return their shoes to the company they bought them from, as a part of a premium or enhanced consumer experience.

The solution must be part of a premium or enhanced consumer experience, and must increase the competitive value of the product or purchasing experience (i.e. not just a simple “pay people for the shoes” or recycling program)

A well-defined creative task. For more information see The Returning Used Shoe Contest.

used shoes


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