Twisted Faces and Emoijs!


How do you know which emoticon to use?

An emoticon is a pictorial representation of facial expressions. These little pictorial images are an important tool to use when communicating by using technology. The absence of body language and prosody makes is tricky to interpret  a person’s feelings or mood. A range of tones and feelings can be portrayed by using these emoticons but emotions and feelings are tricky.

In the video below you can see the actor Guy Pearce when he tries with mixed success recreate Emoji emoticons. Why not test to make some yourself next time you look into the mirror.

The emoji painting was made by Yung Jake using the emoji paintbrush tool, You can also use this tool to engage in some emoji creativity.

You can see  Yung Jake’s creations on his Twitter page, and make your own like we did at


If you want some thinking exercises about emotions, look at T29 day 13-15. You can read more about the thinking exercises, emotions, intuitions and feelings if you click here.

ggggPhoto: Emoji Larry David, Yung Jake, 2015

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