Laugh Yourself to New Ideas!


The King Arthur Round  Swing Table has some of the right attributes to transform a dull meeting into a creative exploration. Thinking is movement and I can just imagine my thoughts swirling around freely while I gently swing back-and-forth. Ideas are free to take off and start a new life.

Listen carefully and you can hear the room being transformed into a laughter-filled place.

Laughter and humour are important factors to consider when looking at teamwork. More creative ideas may emerge if you create a relaxed and open atmosphere where humour are welcome.

A study by Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock and Joseph Allen showed that “humor patterns triggered positive socioemotional communication, procedural structure, and new solutions.”  The teams worked better when everyone laughed together and encouraged the humour of others.

To create this atmosphere where humour and laughter feel natural is not always easy. It is important that the participants feel secure in their job positions to encourage them to suggest more creative ideas. It is the dynamics between the team members more that the occasional joke or moments of elevated moods that influence the quality of the thinking.

Idea generation requires a brave and bold approach to the topic. Asking “crazy” questions is an important part when exploring a topic and let’s be honest some questions may seem at first sight irrelevant and silly.

Question asking is vital to ensure that good quality ideas are suggested. For the focus should always be on quality ideas rather than creating a collection of ideas. To enhance the chances of getting those ideas that stand out, big ideas, ideas with a vision, it is a good start  to create a suitable atmosphere.

Although it is undeniable that the ambiance of a meeting room and the physical position of the attendees to each other do have a huge impact on the interaction between them, it is also the other way around.
When someone comes up with a “crazy” idea – a standard thinking pattern is broken – laughter will automatically follow.
So, a loose and playful ambiance will naturally lead to more loose and playful thinking and, if allowed, an idea will be welcomed with laughter, wat is a sign of forgiveness.
In such a climate, permission arises to come up with wild ideas, ideas that at first seem to be impossible. Being prepared for a meeting is important, so it is good to have some nearly impossible ideas ready before the meeting and to bring those to the table..

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