Journey from “hmm” to “yah” – Thinkibility Nibble

From “hmm” to “yay” via “eureka” and “wow”

Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh’s description of her innovation journey is a great illustration of how you can invent something by being curious and asking questions


Her idea was vague but she knew when she had found something exciting.

Jane says:
I had a bit of an idea. “I don’t want to buy new stuff all the time. I want to improve and re-imagine the stuff I already have so it works better for me.” (I didn’t really say it out loud. I just thought it.)

So what is Sugru?

Sugru is mouldable glue. “Stick it, shape it and it will turn into rubber.”

The name of a new product is important. And the  name that Jane picked could not have been more suitable. Sugru is inspired by the Irish word súgradh, which menas  play.

Play with ideas and see what you can come up with.


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